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Airline Flight Pay RatesCompare flight attendant pay at each airline

Flight pay is the main component of a flight attendants salary. To view other components of pay go here.


Trip For Pay (TFP) Hourly Conversion: Alaska TFP converted to hourly using TFP x 1.13. Southwest TFP converted to hourly using TFP x 1.15

Overtime Premiums: JetBlue 1.5 times premium rate over 70 hours. Frontier 1.5 times rate over 82 hours. Spirit 1.5 times rate over 85 hours. Alaska and United have quarterly productivity premiums. Southwest has productivity pay. Refer to contracts for more details.

Longevity Premiums: Alaska $1 after 16 years, $1.50 after 20 years, $2 after 25 years and then $1 per every five years after that. Southwest additional $1.50 per TFP after 25 years.

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