5 Perks of Being a Flight Attendant

It’s no secret that flight attendant jobs are in high demand. What’s less obvious is why.

While the job can take a toll on some, for anyone who’s adventurous and open to unusual work, there are plenty of perks to consider. Here are five benefits of being a flight attendant that you may not know about!

Not Micromanaged

You know how it is at regular nine-to-five jobs. The moment you step into work you’re operating under a strict set of corporate rules that are enforced by management. If you’re unlucky enough to have a terrible manager, then prepare to bid any workplace fun farewell.

When you work as a flight attendant, there’s rarely ever a “manager” figure in the picture at all. You get to work the way that you want. As long as you can do your job, no one will be breathing down your neck or scolding you for not doing things their way.

Sometimes there are supervisors or team leaders that meet with crews before their flight to ensure that they are on-time, in full uniform compliance, and have all the required items on hand. Beyond that, there’s also a lead flight attendant that oversees the flight. But most of the time, they’re just as interested as everyone else in working as a team and having fun while they do so.

Flexible Work Schedule

Most jobs don’t have a ton of flexibility in terms of schedule. Whether it’s a day or night job, you have to obey a pretty strict schedule.

That’s not the case with flight attendants. As you gain seniority at an airline, you gain more control over your own work schedule. If you want to work weekends, you can do that. If you want to work nights, that’s up to you too. If for some reason you decide that you want to stack all of your trips at the beginning of the month, then there’s no one who can stop you from doing that either.

As long as you follow the FARS (Federal Aviation Regulations), you can manage your schedule however you like. Flight attendants not only get to pick their schedules, but also where they fly and layover. To make the whole process easier, most airlines offer technology that lets flight attendants schedule and trade tips.

Because of how flexible their time is, many flight attendants choose to go to school or pick up a second job in their free time. It gives them the freedom to do what they want instead of having to waste whole days at an office job.

Generous Travel Benefits

Another reason to become a flight attendant is the sweet travel benefits. After just thirty days of work and sometimes sooner depending on the airline, you’ll be eligible for the discounted or free tickets most airlines offer their workers during holidays, compared to the regular holiday rush you’d have to compete with. Seats are available to flight attendants only on basis of how many remain unoccupied, although that’s not something you’d probably have to worry about that so much anyways. As a flight attendant, you have the resources to check flights and plan ahead for your trips.

If you’re a flight attendant with a certain airline, your immediate family will likely also be eligible for travel benefits with that specific airline. You might also receive some passes that you can give to friends so they can purchase tickets at a reduced cost.

See the world at a low cost, and help your friends and family travel too. What’s not to like about it?

Meeting Interesting People

If you love meeting people, then there’s no better job than being a flight attendant. You’ll not only get to meet celebrities on the go, but also just cool people from all parts of the world. More likely than not you’ll lose track of all the interesting conversations you’ve struck up with a traveler. If you know your way around networking, you might be able to gain access to amazing opportunities and connections, or just awesome new friends from all walks of life.

This isn’t to say that everyone is going to be great. Realistically speaking, you’ll always have to deal with a difficult passenger or two. But the good ones make everything more than worth it.

As for meeting your future spouse on a plane…no guarantee that it’ll happen, but it’s definitely possible. Keep your eyes peeled, and keep your heart open. Of course, you should always be doing that.

Adventure and Excitement!

Aside from all the opportunities to meet interesting people mentioned above, you’re also quite literally getting paid to see the world.

With each trip you board, there will be a new crew, new passengers, new destinations. With each layover most likely in a different city, you have the chance to step outside and experience a whole new culture. It’s the perfect chance to have adventures and create lasting, unique memories.

And that’s not all. The airline also pays for your hotel while you’re there, and some of the transportation costs as well. While it’s true that flying can be taxing on the body, for those who can handle it being a flight attendant is perfect for anyone who has wanted to travel but never had the resources to do so.

If you’re looking for excitement in amazing new destinations, awesome benefits, the chance to meet cool people, and the freedom to manage your own time, then look no further. Being a flight attendant is the job for you.


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