American Delta United Hourly Pay Comparison [2023]

A flight attendant’s salary consists of different pay components that when added up determine how much they will make. Flight pay is the component that puts the biggest chunk of money into a flight attendants paycheck. Provided below is a comparison of flight pay for United, American and Delta flight attendants and is current as of 1/26/2022. Again, this is one component of many. To determine which flight attendants have it the best, review their total compensation package. 

United Flight Attendants last contractual wage increase went into effect September 2020. United announced plans to hire more than 18,000 new flight attendants over the next few years with more than 4,000 expected to be hired  in 2023. The company’s career page states it currently employees over 22,000 flight attendants. United flight attendants are represented by the Association of Flight Attendants AFA-CWA.   

Delta Flight Attendants current hourly rates went into effect on 5/1/2022. Their previous rate increase prior to the current one was effective 10/1/2019. The flight attendants at all major U.S. airlines are unionized with the exception of Delta flight attendants. The company has done a good job of keeping the flight attendants happy with consistent improvements to pay and benefits. Delta announced plans to hire an additional 6,000 flight attendants in 2023 adding to the 25,000+ that are currently flying the skies.



The pay comparison below contains the same data as above but provides an alternative view of the flight attendant pay rates at American, Delta and United that are currently in effect. This pay information is believed to be accurate as of 2/12/2023. We hope you find it helpful!

Comparing United, American and Delta Flight Attendant Starting and Top Rates

Flight Attendant Starting and top pay compared 2023United, American and Delta Flight Attendant Per Diem Pay Compared 2023

All flight attendants regardless of airline receive compensation for the time they are away from base, referred to as Per Diem. This pay begins when the flight attendant reports for their trip and will end a few minutes after the arrival of the last flight of that particular trip. Provided below are the rates of pay for per diem that the flight attendants receive at American, United and Delta as of 1/27/22. The amount of per diem a flight attendant sees in their paycheck will depend on the amount of flying, the type of flying as well as how many days a flight attendant is “away”. Besides flight pay and per diem there are other pay components that can contribute to a flight attendants salary and will vary at each airline.

Flight Attendant Per Diem Comparison 2023

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