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Flight Attendant Supplemental Pay Glossary

Domestic Flight Leader Lead Pay F1: Also referred to as “Lead Flight Attendant”, “Flight Service Leader”, “Lead position”, “First Flight Attendant” or “F1”. This compensation is for the flight attendant who has been awarded or assigned a specific position, usually located at the front of the aircraft. This position comes with additional responsibilities such as facilitating the crew briefing, checking the uniform appearance of the crew, verifying the presence and validity of required items, reviewing the service level for the flight and providing work guidance. Most major airlines train all the flight attendants for this position which is then awarded by seniority. The rate of pay for this position ranges from $1.00-$3.35 depending on the airline and size of the aircraft.   

Domestic Per Diem: Pay for each hour a flight attendant is away from base. This includes time on duty, including all time spent waiting, time traveling as well all time off duty while on layover. Generally per diem will begin at the time of check in and end 15 to 30 minutes after the arrival of the last flight for that specific trip. All flight attendants at all major airlines receive per diem which is the second main component of compensation since it adds up quickly. The rate of pay for domestic per diem ranges from $1.90 to $2.50.

Last updated on 10/21/2018

This comparison is provided for informational purposes only. Some components of pay may come with stipulations that aren’t listed. We rely on fellow flight attendants to ensure the information being provided is as accurate as possible. If something is missing or you have a correction please contact us.

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