Top Rates

This top rate comparison provides the top rate of each airline and does not factor in any other types of pay, premiums, overtime or overrides. When reviewing flight attendant compensation all components of pay and benefits should be taken into consideration. 

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Trip For Pay (TFP) Hourly Conversion: 

Alaska TFP converted to hourly using TFP x 1.13. Southwest TFP converted to hourly using TFP x 1.15

Alaska Longevity Premiums

Additional $1.00 TFP after 16yrs
Additional $1.50 TFP after 20yrs
Additional $2.00 TFP after 25yrs

Southwest Longevity Premium

Additional $1.50 per TFP after 25yrs

Premium & Incentives

JetBlue 1.5 x Premium rate over 70 hours. JetBlue Straight has no premium component.

Frontier 1.5 x rate over 82 hours.

Southwest productivity pay. Refer to 21-155 in contract.

Spirit 1.5 x rate over 85 hours.

United has $5 incentive for block hours in excess of 200 per calendar quarter up to 330 capped at 110 per bid period. For more details visit page 28 in their contract.

We rely on the flight attendants from each airline to ensure the data being provided is as accurate as possible. Please contact us if you would like to report an update for this comparison.

This page was last updated on 11/16/2021

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