Vacation Accrual Pay and Credit



1. A Flight Attendant will be eligible for vacation accrual, subject to the completion of her/his
probationary period, according to the years of service completed as a Flight Attendant and
number of months of active service as a Flight Attendant in the preceding year as follows:

2. A Flight Attendant who completes less than twelve (12) months of active service in the
preceding year shall have her/his vacation accrual prorated.

3. Vacation will be accrued for each contractual month during which the Flight Attendant is on
active status for at least fifteen (15) calendar days.


1. Vacation days bid in the annual vacation process in blocks of seven (7) or more consecutive
days will be paid and credited at four (4) hours per day at the Flight Attendant’s rate of pay.
Vacation days in blocks of less than seven (7) consecutive days will be paid and credited at
three and one-half (3.5) hours per day. Vacation pay and credit shall be based on a Flight
Attendant’s longevity at the time the vacation is taken.

2. Premium pay (Lead, Purser, Aft, Galley, Speaker, International and CRAF) will be paid to a
Flight Attendant on vacation as specified in Compensation, Section 3.

Source: American Airlines Flight Attendant Agreement

A. Vacation Accrual

1 . Employees accrue vacation credits based on their Vacation Accrual Seniority Date, and months worked in the preceding Vacation Accrual Year.

2 . A Flight Attendant shall receive full vacation accrual if she/he has one hundred twenty (120) hours or more of paid activity in each quarter of the twelve (12) month period ending in the August schedule month prior to the vacation year. Designated quarters are the bid months of September through November, December through February, March through May, and June through August.

3 . A Flight Attendant shall receive fifty percent (50%) of the full vacation accrual if she/he has fewer than one hundred twenty (120) hours but at least sixty (60) hours of paid activity for the designated quarter.

4 . A Flight Attendant shall accrue no vacation if she/he has fewer than sixty (60) hours of paid activity for the designated quarter.

5 . Regular vacation with pay is based on an employee’s service with the Company. Employees placed in service on or before the 15th of a calendar month will accrue vacation from the first of the month. Employees placed in service after the 15th of the calendar month will accrue vacation from the first day of the following month.

6 . Newly employed Flight Attendants shall accrue one day of vacation for each full month of continuous employment with the Company during the remainder of the Vacation Accrual Year after the date of their initial employment. If employed prior to the 15th of a calendar month, vacation credit shall be given for the full month. The first vacation shall be given during the following Scheduled Vacation Year.

7 . Vacation shall be taken within the Scheduled Vacation Year following the Vacation Accrual Year in accordance with the following schedule:

8. Flight Attendants on a leave or leaves of absence (except leaves for occupational sickness or injury on the job) and Flight Attendants on a disciplinary suspension, shall have their vacation accrual reduced by one-twelfth (1/12th) for each thirty (30) days or major portion thereof on a prorated basis.

B. Vacation Pay

1. Vacation shall be paid at a rate of three hours and fifteen minutes (3:15) for each day of vacation.

2. Vacation pay shall be paid at the Flight Attendant’s applicable hourly rate at the time vacation is taken.

3. Vacation pay for an FSL Flight Attendant shall be in accordance with Section 9.F.3.

4. If a Flight Attendant’s vacation period results in her/him being projected under her/his line/minimum guarantee for the month her/his guarantee shall be adjusted to the new projection. A Reserve who has vacation shall be paid the greater of her/his reserve guarantee or all credited time for the month.

5. A Flight Attendant may elect to contribute a minimum of seven (7) and a maximum of fourteen (14) days of paid vacation accrued for use in the following Scheduled Vacation Year to her/his 401(k) Savings Plan account, or equivalent. Contributions shall be treated as employee contributions, and are subject to Internal Revenue Code Section 401(a)(17) limits, or equivalent regulations.

Source: United Flight Attendant Agreement

Vacation Accrual 

1-4 years: 14 days
5-10 years: 21 days
11+ years: 28 days

35 days max after 25 years of service.

Vacation Pay

Paid at 3:15 per day

Revised 11/16/2021



A Flight Attendant will be entitled to and will receive vacations with pay as

A. Employment begins with the first day a Flight Attendant is placed on the Company payroll. A Flight Attendant, who as of December 31 of any year,
has had less than one (1) calendar year of employment with the Company will be entitled to a vacation on the basis of one and one-sixth (1 1/6) days
for each month of employment, rounded to the nearest full day.

B. Vacation days will accrue at the following rate:

  1. As of December 31 of any year, a Flight Attendant who has had one (1) year or more of employment, but less than five (5) years, will receive fourteen (14) days.
  2. As of December 31 of any year, a Flight Attendant who has had five (5) years or more of employment, but less than ten (10) years, will receive twenty-one (21) days.
  3. As of December 31 of any year, a Flight Attendant who has had ten (10) years or more of employment, but less than eighteen (18) years, will receive twenty-eight (28) days.
  4. As of December 31 of any year, a Flight Attendant who has had eighteen (18) years or more of employment will receive thirty-five (35) days.

C. For purposes of computing vacation, fifteen (15) days or more of employment in a calendar month will be considered a full month and less than fifteen (15) days will not be considered a full month.

D. Floating Vacations: A Flight Attendant with three (3) weeks or more vacation is allowed to take one (1) week as a floating vacation. A Flight Attendant will notify Inflight Crew Planning she/he is designating a week of vacation as a floating week no later than the last round of vacation bids. A floating vacation week will pay 26.25 TFP (straight pay) regardless of TFP pulled.


A. A Flight Attendant, while on vacation, shall be paid for all trips lost from her/his bid line, or three and three quarter (3.75) standard trips per day, whichever is greater. Pay shall be at the Flight Attendant’s applicable trip rate at her/his current bid month and bid position.

B. Flight Attendants may request early vacation pay. The request must be made at least seven (7) days before vacation. Scheduled vacation days must fall on a payday (5th/20th) before a Flight Attendant may request an early check. The check that will be issued early will be the proper check for that pay period. If scheduled vacation does not fall on a payday, no early check will be issued.

Source: Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Agreement

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